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If you’re a medical student or foundation doctor preparing for the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA), you’re likely aware of its significance in ensuring patient safety and your readiness to prescribe medications. The PSA is a crucial assessment designed to evaluate your ability to make safe and effective prescribing decisions. To excel in this assessment, you need comprehensive preparation. That’s why we’re excited to offer you a free PSA preparation resource that can help you ace this crucial exam.

Understanding the Importance of the PSA

The PSA is a written assessment that assesses your prescribing knowledge and skills, focusing on safe and effective prescribing practices. It is mandated by the foundation programme in the UK to ensure that medical graduates are competent in prescribing medications before they begin practising as doctors. The PSA is a vital step in safeguarding patient well-being and maintaining high standards of healthcare.

What Does the PSA Cover?

The PSA assesses a wide range of topics related to prescribing, including:

  • Prescription writing 
  • Prescription review 
  • Planning management 
  • Communication 
  • Calculations 
  • Adverse drug reactions 
  • Drug monitoring 
  • Data interpretation 

Introducing Our Free PSA Prep

To assist you in your PSA exam preparation, we are thrilled to offer a free, comprehensive resource – PSA Prep. This set of eLearning sessions include the following features:

Detailed Explanations

Receive in-depth explanations on each question item, helping you understand not just the correct answers but the underlying concepts.

Expert Insights

Each session is written by UK prescribing experts, so you can be sure you’ve got the most accurate information. 

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

PSA Prep is available online, so you can study whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

How to Get Started with PSA Prep

Getting started with our free PSA Prep eLearning is easy:

Visit Our Website

Go to our website and navigate to the PSA Prep section. Click the button to add all the PSA Prep sessions to your basket, don’t worry they’re completely free! 


Complete checkout by entering your details, this will automatically create an account on the BPS Assessment platform so you can access all the resources. Don’t forget to verify your email and set a password! 

Start Preparing 

Begin your PSA preparation journey by working through each eLearning session. Get all the tips and tricks on how to approach each question in the exam. Good Luck! 


The Prescribing Safety Assessment is a critical exam that ensures you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prescribe medications safely. Proper preparation is essential, and our free PSA Prep resources are here to support you on this journey. 


By using PSA Prep, you can boost your confidence, enhance your prescribing abilities, and increase your chances of passing the PSA with flying colours. Remember, patient safety is paramount, and passing the PSA is a significant step toward becoming a responsible and competent healthcare professional. Don’t wait; start your PSA preparation with us today!

The Best Free PSA Resources To Help You Pass Your Mock Exam

The Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) assesses a medical student’s ability to prescribe medications safely and effectively. As part of your PSA preparation you should utilise high-quality resources to maximise your chances of success. In this blog, we will explore some of the best free PSA resources available, including the official practice papers and the PSA Prep from BPS Assessment, which provides comprehensive insights into different question types.

PSA Official Practice Papers

The official practice papers for the Prescribing Safety Assessment are an invaluable resource provided directly by those who write and review the PSA. They are written to the same blueprint as the final exam, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the question types and expectations. Working through these practice papers can help you understand the style of questions, time management, and the level of knowledge required. We suggest running through at least one of the papers in one hour, to simulate exam conditions. You can then clear your answers and have another go at your own pace.

PSA Prep from BPS Assessment

PSA Prep from BPS Assessment, provides information and guidance on the various question types you’ll encounter in the Prescribing Safety Assessment. This set of eLearning sessions break down each question type, providing explanations, examples, and strategies to approach them effectively. Here’s what’s included in PSA Prep:

  • Introduction to the PSA and it’s questions
  • Prescribing (PWS) question items
  • Prescription Review (REV) question items
  • Planning Management (MAN) question items
  • Providing Information (COM) question items
  • Calculation Skills (CAL) question items
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) question items
  • Drug Monitoring (TDM) question items
  • Data Interpretation (DAT) question items

Additional Online Resources

In addition to the official practice papers and PSA Prep, several online platforms and websites provide valuable resources to enhance your PSA preparation. These resources include:

The PSA Website

In addition to the practice papers, the official PSA website offers FAQs and guidelines on what to expect during the exam. Check their FAQ and resources section to learn more about the questions styles, registering your account and the question writing process.

Medical Forums and Discussion Boards

It could be useful to engage in online forums and discussion boards where medical students and foundation doctors share their PSA preparation experiences, strategies, and recommended resources. This can provide you with valuable insights and support.

Preparing for the Prescribing Safety Assessment is a critical step in your journey to becoming a safe and effective prescriber. Utilising the best free resources, such as the official practice papers and PSA Prep from BPS Assessment, can greatly enhance your chances of success. By mastering different question types, understanding clinical scenarios, and honing your prescribing skills, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently approach your PSA mock exam and excel on the actual assessment. Remember, consistent practice, thorough understanding, and a strategic approach will pave the way for your success in the PSA and your future medical practice.