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PSA Prep is a set of 9 free eLearning sessions, developed by BPS Assessment, to assist students sitting the UK Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA). 8 of the 9 sessions focus on the specific question items styles found in the PSA, with the addition of 1 introductory session. These sessions have been developed by UK experts and have been approved by BPS Assessment’s Medical Director and Editor-in-Chief.

While the Prescribing Safety Assessment is referenced throughout PSA Prep, these sessions are still applicable to the Prescribing Skills Assessment. Both assessments follow the same PSA blueprint, including the 8 difference item styles, the reasoning and judgement required in answering the questions and the same allocation of scores for each question. 

Our 3 Prescribing Practice Papers have been developed by BPS Assessment to assist students sitting the UK Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) and overseas students sitting the Prescribing Skills Assessment.

These are not official PSA Practice Papers. They are separate, additional papers to offer students more material to use when revising for their prescribing exams. Paper 1 and Paper 2 each contain 30 question items. Paper 3 is designed to be a full-length practice exam, with 60 question items, that can be taken over 2 hours. 

Supported by PSA Prep, these assessments can be used to provide students with the most up to date and reliable revision materials for their prescribing exams. 

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If you’re sitting the Prescribing Skills Assessment (the non-UK exam) through your institution, you do not need to sign up for an account. Your institution or medical school will create your account for you, and you should wait to receive a registration email from BPS Assessment to active your account. If you would like to access the free resources available on the BPS Assessment portal, you can sign up using a personal email address.

Due to the way our system works, you will need an account before accessing the free resources. Please note that your institutional access to the system may not include access to this free content. If this is the case, you can still sign up with a personal email address to access our free resources.

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