Are you a medical student or foundation doctor gearing up for the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) in 2024? Then, understanding the critical role this assessment plays in ensuring patient safety and your readiness to prescribe medications is crucial. Our free PSA preparation resource is designed to help you excel in this significant exam.

Key Topics Covered in the PSA

The PSA evaluates your prescribing knowledge and skills, focusing on safe and effective practices. It covers a comprehensive range of topics, including prescription writing, review, planning management, communication, calculations, adverse drug reactions, drug monitoring, and data interpretation.

Free PSA Prep Resource

To facilitate your PSA exam preparation, we’re offering PSA Prep, a set of eLearning sessions with the following features:

Detailed Explanations

Access in-depth explanations for each question item found in the PSA, aiding your understanding of correct answers and underlying concepts.

Expert Insights

Benefit from sessions authored by UK prescribing experts, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

PSA Prep is available online, providing flexibility for your study schedule.

Get Started with PSA Prep

Follow these easy steps to kickstart your PSA preparation with our free resource:

Visit Our Website

Navigate to the PSA Prep section on our website. Add all PSA Prep sessions to your basket – they’re completely free!

Register For Free

Complete checkout by entering your details. This creates an account on the BPS Assessment platform, giving you access to all resources. Verify your email and set a password.

Start Preparing

Embark on your PSA preparation journey by working through each eLearning session. Gain insights on approaching exam questions effectively. Good Luck!

The Prescribing Safety Assessment is a pivotal exam ensuring you possess the knowledge and skills needed to prescribe medications safely. Our free PSA Prep resources are designed to support you on this journey. By utilising PSA Prep, boost your confidence, enhance prescribing abilities, and increase your chances of passing the PSA with flying colours. Start your PSA preparation with us today – because patient safety is paramount, and passing the PSA is a significant step toward becoming a responsible and competent healthcare professional. Don’t wait! Sign up today to start your preparation journey!

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