Menopause Assessment


This package has been created by members of the British Menopause Society with funding from the ABPI. It is aimed at healthcare professionals wishing to improve their knowledge in this important area.

On completion of the Menopause Box set, participants will be able to:

  • Select suitable medicines to treat a range of chronic conditions which require special consideration during the menopause
  • Identify, from a list of prescribed medicines, those that require review during the menopause
  • Select appropriate medicines to treat a range of acute diseases which require special consideration during the menopause
  • Provide appropriate information about safe use of selected commonly prescribed medicines during the menopause
  • Calculate appropriate doses and make adjustments to treatment regimens for selected medicines used in the menopause
  • Identify and manage common adverse effects of selected medicines in the menopause
  • Monitor for adverse and beneficial effects of selected drug therapies during the menopause
  • Interpret data and make appropriate adjustments to treatment in the menopause

The materials are intended for formative use, and can be worked through in one go, or returned to multiple times.  Answers are saved as they are entered, and question-by-question feedback is available. Answers can be cleared so that the pack can be attempted multiple times.

It is estimated that it will take around 1 hour to work through the contents of this pack, and a further 30 minutes to look at the feedback.