Polypharmacy Knowledge Check


This set of 16 questions is designed to help anyone involved in prescribing to tackle problematic polypharmacy and effectively withdraw inappropriate medications.

This Polypharmacy Knowledge Check has been written by Clinical Pharmacologists with expertise in prescribing and deprescribing, to highlight the importance of tackling problematic polypharmacy and effectively withdrawing inappropriate medications.

It consists of 16 question items in 3 item styles, designed to test various aspects of prescribing, reviewing and advising about medicines. The 16 question items should take 30 minutes to complete, and are worth a total of 50 marks. On completion of this set of questions, you will receive a score and detailed feedback will be given.

Please note that the interface is optimised for use with Google Chrome, but will work with all major browsers.

The contents of this Polypharmacy Knowledge Check were produced and reviewed by the following NHS consultants and specialist trainee registrars in Clinical Pharmacology: Professor Emma Baker, Professor Simon Maxwell, Professor Jamie Coleman, Dr Frances Bennett, Dr Spoorthy Kulkarni and Dr Azara Janmohamed whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged.